Introducing the Picture Book Apprentice

Picture Book Apprentice


For a long time now, I’ve had a single goal in mind: write and illustrate my own picture book.  To that end, I have read countless published picture books, attended seminars and conferences, and talked with other author-illustrators who have seen their books come to light. I’ve come to think of this work as a kind of apprenticeship, as I look to learn as much as I can from the artists and writers who’ve come before me. 

With that in mind, I’m beginning this project, the Picture Book Apprentice.

Each month, I’ll detail some aspects of the picture book craft that I’m focusing on, as seen through a particular picture book. Many of these books will be familiar to most readers, but it’s likely there will be some new titles, too.  

What is important to understand is that I am not trying to critique the book, per se.  Instead, I am trying to do something that is, to me, much more useful.  I’m trying to learn from it, to understand the things in it that work well to my eye, and see if I can incorporate those techniques into my own practice.

I hope you’ll enjoy these discussions and learn alongside me. If you have comments, please share, and if you have new titles to add to the Apprentice list, I’m always up for suggestions.


David Bernardy